The beginning….well $210 in (11 days)

Good morning, afternoon, evening fellow reader

As you probably know this is now like the 4-5 blog that I’ve started. And I’m very sorry about this. I haven’t really found anything that stuck, well until now.

I came across a new brokerage platform called M1Finance, which is a commission free brokerage where you build “pies” determined by weight allocation, each pie can have a max of 100 stocks, and it will split up your investment amount fractionally among all the stocks that you select. The initial minimum deposit is $100, and then you can put in as little as $10 whenever you want. The only fees are when you sell any shares (SEC fees minimum of $0.02 per company sold).

Well as the name of this blog suggests, I have it scheduled to invest $10 every business day of the year. I started on April 30th.

Planning on doing end of the week updates of the progress of the portfolio, as of right now it’s currently up over $5 in projected dividend income for the rest of the year.

If you want to know more about M1, or sign up, you can use the link below, it is a referral link, and we will both receive $10 when an initial investment of $100 is done and held in the account for at least 90 days.

M1 Finance Sign Up

If you would like to follow along with my Dividend portfolio, here is the link as well.

M1 Finance – Dividend Portfolio

NOTE: Before you can add this portfolio to your account you have to go through the setup process, which involves you selecting a stock, you only need to add one, and when you get to the dashboard page, you can click the link, and at the top middle of the page you will see a “Copy to my Account” link, after you click this, it may take you to a login screen, if so just login, and then you will have this in your account.

To remove what you selected at the initial setup, you click on “My Pies” at the top, and you should see 2 listings, click on the icon with 3 dots, and choose “Delete”, from that point forward any money that you deposit into M1 will auto invest into the Dividend Portfolio fund.

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