Changes to portfolio

I have replaced 4 tickers in the M1 portfolio, for tax purposes.

I’ve removed the following:

BPL – Buckeye Partners

EPD – Enterprise Products Partners

ETE – Energy Transfer Equity LP Unit

SEP – Spectra Energy Partners

I’ve added the following:

AFL – Aflac

ERF – Enerplus Corp

ORI – Old Republic International Corporation

TDS – Telephone & Data Systems, Inc.

The changes were made due to these companies giving out a K-1 form come tax season, the problem is this you can’t submit your taxes until the end of March, beginning of April, and may need to get an extension because of it.

Before the year is done I will share a template spreadsheet that I use to track the M1 portfolio.

Link for updated portfolio – Dividends

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NOTE: I am not a financial/tax advisor, nothing said here or in any previous or future posts should be taken as advice. This is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Investing in the markets may not be suitable for some, only put in what you can afford to lose.


    1. I’m terribly sorry about not seeing this comment til now, I just happened to be in the WP-Admin page and saw this comment.

      Hopefully next tax season will be more of a breeze

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