Restarted Early – $67.57

Good morning, afternoon, evening fellow reader,

As the title says, the M1 portfolio has been started back up again. Currently it’s at $67.57 (Invested $70). And soon the portfolio page will adjust this. I’m debating either keeping my OneDrive or switching everything over to Google Sheets, and that will mean some editing will need to be done to the website.

Also too there was changes made to the M1 portfolio, I had mentioned that I was looking for companies to replace those that give out a K1 for tax simplicity.

A user on Reddit said that they haven’t had any issues with K1’s, so maybe I’m overthinking it, I just like to have the tax portion all done as soon as possible.


ET (formally ETE) with ERF

SEP with ORI

EPD with TDS

BPL with AFL

And then replaced GE with FBNC due to it’s dramatic decline.

So here’s to looking forward to a journey of passive income. Will be posting updates weekly.

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