Good morning, afternoon, evening fellow reader,

Well another week is in the books

This week the portfolio gained $7.24

I received the following this week:

  • Monday – Received $0.34
    • Delta Air Lines (DAL) – $0.07
    • Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust of Beneficial Interest (GDV) – $0.06
    • Magna International Inc (MGA) – $0.07
    • Weyerhauser Company (WY) – $0.14
  • Tuesday – Received $0.00
  • Wednesday – Received $0.00
  • Thursday – Received $0.15
    • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) – $0.08
    • Halliburton Company (HAL) – $0.07
  • Friday – Received $0.28
    • Brinker International Inc (EAT) – $0.10
    • Mercury General Corporation (MCY) – $0.15
    • Shaw Communications (SJR) – $0.03

Total dividends for the week: $0.77

Total dividends for the month: $3.31

Total dividends year to date: $5.44

Broken down to an hourly rate I’ve given my family a raise of $0.0059353 so far (expected annual dividend income divided by 8760)

There has been an addition to the website, a gauge from Google sheets for a yearly dividend goal, for year one that goal is set to $25, based on the data so far I anticipate that’ll happen sometime between August-September, if it happens sooner then great, I’ll adjust the goal to $50 on the year.


Dividend growth over past three months:
January – $0.65
February – $1.48 – $0.83 increase (127.69%)
March – $3.31 – $1.83 increase (123.65%)

The percentages should fall as time goes on, but this it to show the effect of compounding, if I were to stop investing I would be getting somewhere in the ball park of $2-4 a month in dividends from these companies as long as they don’t drop their dividend and/or go out of business, but I don’t plan on stopping so any new money simply adds on top of this, so it should be interesting to see how it’s compounded over the course of the year.

Dividend payouts per company
Dividend payments per day

Thinking of needing a new way to display this one, but as time goes on there will be a bigger range.

Hourly Growth Chart

Every little investment is a fractional pay raise, and first couple months weren’t calculated correctly so they are blank.

Actual (Green) vs Projected (Blue)

Blue is the projection of just contributions, green includes current market gains and losses. Never mind the future data on actual.

Amount Invested

This is a chart of how much has been invested daily, the contribution rate has been changed, instead of deposits of $30 on Monday and $10 Tuesday through Friday, $14 will be contributed per week day. Still equals $70 per week, but this should make the amount invested look smoother and growth should be noticeable as time goes on.

So there are the quarterly results of the $10 a day portfolio, as time goes on all this data should be more and more interesting, having precise growth metrics recorded is a “proof is in the math”, not just a “if you did this 20 years ago”. Real time growth statistics.

And with that being said, thank you for joining on this journey, and hopefully it inspires you, or allows you to pass this information on to inspire someone you know.

Until next time

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NOTE: I am not a financial adviser, and any information read is for entertainment/educational purposes only. I am not responsible for any losses that you may incur, investing in the markets involves risk and you should only put in what you are comfortable with losing. While I don’t plan on selling any of the securities I’m currently holding, this can be done at any time without notice. Although new positions will be updated on the next blog post, they won’t be disclosed at the time of sale.



    1. Thank you,

      This will hopefully reach those that feel intimidated by the markets, or think that they can’t afford to invest.

    1. Thank you, a lot of people ask me “Why so many companies?” or “You are over diversified”, and I picture this as a massive heavy tank that is extremely difficult to blow up, or as Robert Berger says this giant flywheel that will take a long time to get started, but once it does, it would be foolish to stop it.

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