I had written a post before the new year that there were changes made to the Dividend portfolio, there were 4 stocks that were removed.


If you used a link that was posted, there is a good possibility that you might have these companies in your pie, which is no problem, it just means that you will have to wait a little bit longer to do your taxes for 2019, because you will be getting K-1 forms.

All links have been adjusted, but if you have Buckeye, Enterprise Products Partners LP, Spectra Energy, and Energy Transfer within your portfolio, you have the old one, and to update it to the new one just requires you to click any of the “Invest In This Portfolio” from any post after 2019, you will be taken to the M1 page, probably asked to sign in and then it will show up under Research>My Pies.

Note: Deleting the old pie and adding the new pie in it’s place, will cause a significant taxable event (selling), so if you want to avoid this, here are the list of companies that were swapped out and the new company that took their place.

Buckeye Partners (BPL) was replaced with AFLAC (AFL)
Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD) was replaced with Enerplus Corp (ERF)
Spectra Energy Partners (SEP) was replaced with Old Republic International Corp (ORI)
Energy Transfer LP (ET) was replaced with Telephone and Data Systems Inc (TDS)

And due to major drawdown

General Electric (GE) was replaced with First Bancorp (FBNC)

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