April Summary – $1,756.91

Good morning, afternoon and evening fellow readers,

April has come to a close and while there was still dividend growth it wasn’t as nearly as much as expected compared to the prior two months. Only saw growth of 29.48% compared to months prior of 120 and 130.07%

This portfolio underperformed the S&P last month – This portfolio gained 2.69% while the S&P 500 gained 4.09% (The lack of data for this portfolio, is due to Tip Ranks, becomes available after 2-3 days)

This chart is what has been invested per day, the pink line is my daily contribution to the account. So as time goes on, the amount invested should start breaking away from the $14 contribution.

The next chart shows the trend of companies that have paid each day throughout the year and what I have received on a given day so far.

Next, we have the actual vs projected chart, the projected chart is strictly based off contributions of $14 Monday through Friday. And the actual includes market gains/losses + dividends paid (which gets reinvested across the entire pie, not just the company that paid it like a DRIP does. AKA “Dividend Re-Investment Program”.)

In the middle of February, I received a decent amount of $10 referrals and it caused a spike, because of that, it skews the data, so I decided after that, referrals will no longer be added to this account. But as you can see, the separation from the two is growing, which means everyday it’s creating more of a cushion, and re-investing all those dividends back into itself.

And finally, the data broken down to an hourly wage equivalent, it’s small fractional numbers of growth right now, but the compounding factor can be seen, even if it’s ever so small, it’ll only grow as time goes on.

So that’s the portfolio update for April, starting next month I’ll be adding in all the data from Prosper and Adsense to the list of growing passive income. Prosper is a peer to peer lending platform, where you can lend a minimum of $25 into a loan based on criteria that you choose. In this account I am going for quantity, so I’m only investing in the AA-A rank loans. And the Adsense growth is essentially from you the reader, so I would like to sincerely say thank you for reading my blog.

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NOTE: I am not a financial adviser, and any information read is for entertainment/educational purposes only. I am not responsible for any losses that you may incur, investing in the markets involves risk and you should only put in what you are comfortable with losing. While I don’t plan on selling any of the securities I’m currently holding, this can be done at any time without notice. Although new positions will be updated on the next blog post, they won’t be disclosed at the time of sale.

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