June Summary – $2,358.84

Good morning, afternoon and evening fellow readers,

June has come to a close and it was a $1.98 increase over May in dividend payments. Also hit a couple milestones.

First, this is the highest this account has ever been, I liquidated the account last year in anticipation for a nice and easy time line to follow, kinda like a reset of the blog, and all that.

Second, I have reached $0.01/hour average, while it’s very small and doesn’t really make that much of a difference, that’s $0.24 a day, which comes to M1 reinvesting on it’s own every 41.667 days (if I were to completely stop my contributions.

The markets had a pretty good month, there are signs of hope on the tariff front. The G-20 Summit is this weekend that should send us in a direction big, especially if some type of deal does develop.

I was paid by 47 companies and out of the 20 trading days, I was paid dividends 13 of those days.

I also anticipate that I will reach my $25 in dividend payments for this year next month, at that point I’ll increase the goal to $50 for the year.

This portfolio under performed the S&P – This portfolio gained 4.81% while the S&P 500 gained 6.44%.

Next, we have the actual vs projected chart, the projected chart is strictly based off contributions of $14 Monday through Friday. And the actual includes market gains/losses + dividends paid (which gets reinvested across the entire pie, not just the company that paid it like a DRIP does. AKA “Dividend Re-Investment Program”.)

And finally, the data broken down to an hourly wage equivalent. Finally reached that $0.01 mile stone and it took 206 days to get there. $0.02 should be less then that. We shall see as time goes on.

So what do all these dividend payments look like on a daily basis? Here is a chart that displays the dividends received, each line is a day. I have been paid 91 out of 124 business days so far this year, and I have received a total of 261 dividend payments

And that’s the summary for June

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