Well another week is in the books

Hit the $25 dividends for the year goal, and it has been increased to $75. I don’t think I’m going to reach this buy year end, but I should be able to cross the $50 mark within the next 3-4 months.

This week the portfolio lost $27.61

I received the following this week:

  • Monday – Received $0.78
    • EPR Properties (EPR) – Previous: $0.09 – Current: $0.11 – 22.222% increase
    • Leggett & Platt Incorporated (LEG) – Previous: $0.11 – Current: $0.23 – 109.091% increase
    • Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN) – Previous: $0.13 – Current: $0.11 – -15.385% decrease
    • Realty Income Corporation (O) – Previous: $0.06 – Current: $0.08 – 33.333% increase
    • Stag Industrial Incorporated (STAG) – Previous: $0.08 – Current: $0.09 – 12.5% increase
    • Vermillion Energy Incorporated Common (Canada) (VET) – Previous: $0.13 – Current: $0.16 – 23.077% increase
  • Tuesday – Received $0.00
  • Wednesday – Received $0.00
  • Thursday – Received $0.51
    • Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund of Beneficial Interest (EVT) – Previous: $0.12 – Current: $0.14 – 16.667% increase
    • Glacier Bancorp Incorporated (GBCI) – Previous: $0.09 – Current: $0.16 – 77.778% increase
    • Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) – Previous: $0.17 – Current: $0.21 – 23.529% increase
  • Friday – Received $0.16
    • Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund (CSQ) – Previous: $0.14 – Current: $0.16 – 14.286% increase

Total dividends for the week: $1.45

Total dividends for the month: $6.37

Total dividends year to date: $26.83

Broken down to an hourly rate I’ve given my family a raise of $0.0107941 so far (expected annual dividend income divided by 8760)

Until next time

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NOTE: I am not a financial adviser, and any information read is for entertainment/educational purposes only. I am not responsible for any losses that you may incur, investing in the markets involves risk and you should only put in what you are comfortable with losing. While I don’t plan on selling any of the securities I’m currently holding, this can be done at any time without notice. Although new positions will be updated on the next blog post, they won’t be disclosed at the time of sale.

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