Lack of updates?!?

Good morning, afternoon, evening fellow reader.

First off what happened with the updates, well the past couple weeks have been a little hectic. So here’s a quick explanation.

First we had come to the conclusion that we will be selling the Camaro to free up close to $750-800 a month, so that resulted in taking $2,500 from M1, temporarily. Don’t worry though I have been keeping tabs and those funds will return, assuming the next part of this goes without any hiccups (distribution of my 401k). Don’t worry we will get to that in a minute.

Next came the part where I could no longer be able to watch the markets while at work. And this is really not something that I could be mad at, I am working for them and me watching the markets is counter productive to work. But in that moment, I realized that I didn’t need the job, given that I’m also an active options trader that can average making more per hour than the job, I applied elsewhere for a shift manager position, and was offered the position. I did the formal 2 week letter, announced to all my facebook friends and co-workers, and then the following day I’m having discussions about moving to part time, at my current job, came up with a deal and I am staying with them. Which is a win win really, I get to trade and see my son off to school every day (when I don’t have to travel).

This is where the 401k bit comes in. Using the 401k became the better choice than using the $2,500 from M1. It would be able to knock out all the remaining balance. But I’m technically still employed, and it’s in a blackout period, so I have to wait at least another month to find out what angle I can actually take with it.

So for the moment that $2,500 is being used as capital for options trading, as a way to grow that, and then a portion of those profits will be thrown back into M1 on a weekly basis to get it back where it should be. Then once the car is sold, those funds will then also be redirected to replenish M1.

So apologizes for the silence, and until next time.

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  1. So poor that has to hide behind a fake name.

    Tell me where I hurt your feelings? Don’t have a significant other to take out on this Valentines Day? Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner I was taking my wife out to dinner and a movie with my profits on SPX put spreads and Iron Condors.

    But hey, keep that hatin bro 😉

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